I’m living my own life

I’m very happy with my life at the moment. I have a fantastic job, a beautiful house that fills me with pride, a good relationship with my parents and a small group of close friends who I love dearly and who I know will have my back should that ever be necessary.
Yet many people pity me and feel that I should be looking to change my life. Did you guess why yet?
I’m single and I don’t have kids.

I realize that my life is different from that of most people my age. I also understand that this means that I’m missing out on certain experiences. But I’m ok with that. My life allows me to spend time on the things I love to do, to change plans last minute, to design my house the way I want to and make changes to it whenever I feel like it.
I’m happy and not looking for a man in my life. I also don’t hear or feel my biological clock ticking.

My life is rich and full spending time with friends, playing sports, regularly visiting my parents and feeling blessed spending time at home, on my own.
Whenever I want to share my thoughts and experiences, or when I feel the need to vent, I can go to my friends and family, or I can write about it and share it with you lovely readers.

Yet several people around me feel the need to regularly ask me if I’m dating yet. And every time I explain that I’m not and that I’m also not looking for someone to date. I’m not saying it will never happen, but I’m not taking any action to make it happen.
Sometimes I feel like asking people that keep getting back to this if they are divorced yet. But that’s not nice and I’m pretty sure it would not be considered socially acceptable. I hope that someday people will realize that asking me or any other happy single if we are dating yet is just as disrespectful towards us and our lifestyle.
I’m living my life the way I choose to live it!

i love my life and the ones in it

2 thoughts on “I’m living my own life

  1. Marino van der Heijden

    Good article. I recognize the way people talk like that. Men also get those ‘lectures’, from colleagues for instance. Somehow the not-single-people often have a drift to think that the happy singles are not that happy they say they are. And ‘we’ want it to be confirmed so we keep on asking. Of course the usual arguments are used like “but it’s nature” or “being alone can’t be nice”.
    The way I see it is that this confirms the insecurity of those people (“did I make a wrong decision to commit myself for life?”). And also the jealousy for having more time for yourself, make your own choices like you mentioned and not having to justify for all the things you do and decisions you take. For that matter it’s easier to conclude that the subject is socially awkward and still desperately hoping to get a relation soon. If only people wouldn’t interfere with others so much… But then again, that’s also part of social interaction.
    Be yourself! Do what you want. 🙂 (but keep on blogging 😉

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