I’m a woman with a busy job as a COO of a software development/consulting company. I also have a lot of interests outside of work. I love sports, most importantly tennis, running, golf and rock climbing. Of course, I can’t always be active, and I love to spend time in my beautiful home reading, writing, taking care of my many plants and sometimes, ok quite often, doing some redecorating.

I blog because I love to write, and I write about how I continue to grow in my work and personal life and about things I learn along the way that help me to keep a healthy balance between my work and private life and between being busy and getting enough time to recharge. Occasionally I will dive into the experiences that have helped me to thrive as a woman in a man’s world.
Kalliope is the muse of eloquence and epic poetry. Another strong woman, who will inspire me to write about my journey.

Here rise to life again, dead poetry!
Let it, O holy Muses, for I am yours,
And here Kalliope, strike a higher key,
Accompanying my song with that sweet air
which made the wretched Magpies feel a blow
that turned all hope of pardon to despair

– Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy