Monthly Archives: March 2017

A place to write

I love to write, I’ve always loved writing. For many years I’ve been writing technical content, for articles, blogs and even a book. After my latest career move though, I’m no longer deeply technical, and because of that cannot write technical content anymore.

Like most people I do write a lot of email, but most people do not like to receive long, wordy emails. Everyone is busy, so if you want your message to get across, you’d best make sure that your email is short and to the point. To me it felt like I was missing something; I wanted to have a place where I could write again. And you’re looking at that place.

I started this blog to give myself a place to write. I don’t have a fixed topic in mind, or a particular audience. Everyone is welcome here! And I’m as curious as you are to see how often I will post. Time will tell!