Bad habits are easy to acquire

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to acquire a bad habit?
And how hard is to keep up with a good habit?

I had been doing very well keeping an eye on my work-life balance over the summer. I was able to mostly stick to working during the day, and running, reading or fiddling about most evenings and weekends. However, with the start of our new fiscal year on September 1st and everyone coming back from holidays, things got very busy. To keep up I started working a couple of evenings again and a bit during a weekend.
It only took a couple of evenings before it felt normal again to work. Working even got in the way of writing blog posts.
Not working felt inappropriate and I had to make the conscious decision to stop the re-acquired bad habit.

Despite how easy it is to create the habit of working in the evenings, it is very hard to keep up with the habit of running or doing abs exercises at night. Even though after running and doing abs exercises I feel good. And after working all night I’m annoyed because I worked all night.

work is a rubber ball

I understand why it’s easier to eat candy and cookies than to always eat healthy, candy and cookies are yummy and it requires very little effort to get them (vs making a proper meal or peeling fruit). But why am I, and many of my friends and colleagues with me, so easily persuaded to work in the evening.

We are weird creatures…

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