Target: reached

Several weeks ago, I wrote here that I was going to try and do the 30 day abs-challenge. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to complete it. It took me closer to 60 than to 30 days, but that’s ok.
While my belly might not be as muscular and dry as it was around 3 years ago, I’m still very happy with the result. And so are my irritable bowels apparently, as they seem to be a lot less irritated.

30 day Abs Challenge Result

This sight makes me happy, even if it only looks like this for about an hour after I wake up 🙂

I’m trying to keep stay in this shape for a while, by repeating the 30th day of the challenge at least every other day.
Ok, I must be honest, I usually only get to 90-100 seconds of plank. 120 seconds plank after all the other exercises is just a bit too brutal.

30th ab challenge day

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