Window Dressing

When I moved into my new home I had thought out the way I wanted each room to look in quite a lot of detail. I know what colors I wanted the walls to be, what I wanted the floors to look like and where I wanted to place my furniture.

There were a few rooms though where I had no idea what kind of curtains I wanted to put up. One of these rooms was the bedroom. For several weeks, I slept with bin bags covering the windows to keep the excess light out in the morning.
The came up with a solution after a visit to the Van Gogh museum. I really like art and paintings, especially impressionists and one of my favorite paintings is “The Sea at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer”.
I could have bought a poster, or a replica, but I decided to get the painting printed on a roller blind.
As my bedroom has three windows I also needed something to cover the other two windows and I decided to go with “Cliff walk at Pourville” from Monet and “Girl at a Window” from Dali.

In the kitchen and the guest room I decided to go with photo’s instead of paintings. I really like the result as the images come to live with the light behind them. I chose to use blinds that do not black out the light completely. Of course, that is an acquired taste, especially for the bedroom, but it would also look good on blackout blinds.

I ordered mine on a Dutch website The roller blinds are a lot cheaper than a regular curtain, so if I ever get tired of them I can always order new ones with different images on them.

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