The choices we make

While taking of in an airplane in windy conditions today I realized that if I were to die I would be very disappointed to not be able to experience more in live, but that I would not have any big regrets. Of course this is a comforting realization, as we all have to make so many choices, some big and some small, on a daily basis.

I continuously struggle to keep a balance between work and private life, between spending time with family and friends and on my own, between sports and activities and rest. This will be a topic that I will return to regularly on this blog.

At this moment, I’m returning from a short vacation in Madrid with a friend. We had a great time, the weather was perfect and we spend time sightseeing, relaxing and watching tennis (I love to play and watch tennis). The vacation almost couldn’t have been better, and yet I’m happy to go home to my beautiful house and some time alone. I feel very lucky.
I’m also already contemplating whether I should go for a run tonight, read up on my email or leave that until tomorrow and how to best handle my busy agenda tomorrow.

The truth is that these choices don’t matter if you look at the big picture. Of course you should exercise regularly and you should do your job well without killing yourself over it. But going for that one run, or dedicating that one extra evening to work won’t make you any  healthier, and it doesn’t mean you will be more appreciated at work.

Now that if I could remember that in the everyday whirl wind and not just while on my way back from holiday, that might actually have an impact on how I live and experience my life.



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